Monday, 10 March 2008

Laad, Mi Kyaa Tek I No Muo?!

Wa mek Baibl chanslieshan so aad? (Why is Bible translation so difficult?) John Krieger answers the question for us - particularly as it relates to pioneer translators. Visit

Thankfully, many of the problems pioneer translators face are not a bother to translators of the Jamaican Language Project. Here is a list of the reasons why this is so:
1. the translators are mother-tongue speakers; they have already acquisition the language;
2. much study has already been undertaken in regards to the phonemic, phonological,

morphological, and grammatical structures of the Jamaican; and
3. about 52% of the NT has already been translated into Jamaican – though this work is in need of revision.

The question as to “how” the meaning of the original is to be translated into Jamaican accurately and naturally, however, remains a huge concern.

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