Friday, 4 April 2008

Tame-Durrleman - Exploring the Unique Jamaican Creole

I recently joined a group in Facebook called "I am Fluent in (Jamaican) Patois an' Lovin' It." I came across the link to an interesting article entitled "Tame-Durrleman - exploring the unique Jamaican creole" and published in the Jamaica Gleaner in December of last year.

One "Professa 'P-fi-Patwa'" commented on the Facebook post: "aal prieziz tu mi gyal Stefani fi taak chruut bout di patwa! di haatikal jos rimain mi hou somtaim yu afi go a farin fi get di due rekagnishan we yu dizerv. Jamieka Langwij stil av muor riispek in Inglan, Switzalan an aala dem plies-deh - taim fi honour wi langwij baka yaad."

Oh, how true!

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