Friday, 8 August 2008

"Patois, English and the Blood of Christ"!

Boy, oh, boy! As we say here in Jamaica, "common assault." Anyway, go here.

Here's a response to the article.

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for the response to that ever frustrating article by Dr. Johnston. Having worked very closely with a few hundred Jamaicans at a resort in South Florida, I quickly attained a fair understanding of spoken patois. Though I cannot write or speak Patois without having to think through each line or phrase very carefully, I appreciate the dialect/language and the heritage that is associated with it. To understand patois is to understand our Jamaican friends and their rich culture. I look forward to learning more Patois. Looking at any culture and any language it is clear that there is a difference between formal written language and colloquial language. This is seen particularly well in different Bible translation comparing a NASB to a NLT, NIV, or especially the Message. Translating the Word of God into Patois is an excellent undertaking that will touch the lives of many for the cause of Jesus Christ.