Friday, 12 December 2008

Sola Scriptura!

Wycliffe Bible Translators have worked with Roman Catholics in Bible Translation projects all over the world. In fact, one Wycliffe UK member told me, no so long ago, that, in some places of the world, Catholics are more willing than Protestants to translate the Bible into indigenous languages. Persons familiar with Church history know that this is an ironic phenomenon, as, traditionally, Roman Catholics have been opposed to indigenous Bible translation projects.

Whilst I’m happy Roman Catholics have recognized the importance of indigenous Bible translations – indeed, they boast their own Bible Translation agency - I reject standard Catholic teachings such as the Mass, apostolic succession, Mariology and the sacraments. In particular, I reject the denomination’s ideas of Tradition and the Magisterium. has recently published an article by Guy Davies which outlines “Ten Differences Between Reformation and Rome.” Here’s a summary of the differences in relation to Tradition and the Magisterium:

“The Roman Catholic Church believes that its traditions and teaching are as authoritative as Scripture. The Reformed value tradition, but accept the Bible alone as their authority, and sole rule of faith and practice.

The Roman Catholic Church believes that the Bible cannot be properly understood apart from the official interpretation of Rome (the Magisterium). The Reformed believe that Christians have a responsibility to judge the truth of all teaching by the extent of its conformity to the teaching of the Bible as it has been commonly accepted with the help of responsible exegesis and the witness of the Spirit.”

Sola Scriptura…

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