Monday, 20 April 2009

Jean Lowrie-Chin now Supports Jamaican Bible!

Dr Faith Linton has recruited a new supporter of a vernacular Bible for the Jamaican people. This time it's Jean Lowrie-Chin, a columnist of one of our leading newspapers, the Jamaican Observer.

Confesses Chin: "So logical and persuasive was she, that I completely changed my initial attitude towards the translation of the Bible into the Jamaican language....

"She describes the tears of older Jamaicans living abroad, when they heard chapters of the Bible being read in patois. And then the penny dropped. I recalled visiting CuraƧao, that orderly country, where the citizens wrote and spoke at least three languages: Papiamento, Dutch and English. They speak their mother tongue proudly and with no apology. Giving currency to our mother tongue will, like the Genesis story, help us to accept ourselves as we truly are and lead to new behaviours."

To read Chin's column, follow this link...

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