Monday, 25 April 2011

Jamaican (Patwa) Debate AGAIN!

In the last post, I indicated that the debate re the place of the Jamaican language (Patwa) in Jamaica has resurfaced in our local media, due to the efforts of Jamaican enthusiasts to have the Charter of Rights protect Jamaicans from discrimination on the ground of language. To save you time, I've hyper-linked most, if not all, the newspaper articles that have surfaced as a result of such and endeavour (1-21). (22-30) are articles that have been published on issues relating to language since the beginning of the year.   
  1. Undeveloped Conscience and Real Sin
  2. Argue Logically for Patois
  3. Patois is the Best Route to English
  4. Teaching Patois Undermines Poor
  5. Teach English as Foreign Language
  6. How Would the Patois Policy Work?
  7. UNESCO Guidelines and Jamaican Patois
  8. Fait a Yaad, Daans Abraad
  9. Defending Patois
  10. A Waste of Time to Teach Patois - Seaga
  11. Teaching Patois Adds to Problem
  12. Online Feedback
  13. Policy Makers Must Be Informed About Patois
  14. The Discrimination Debate
  15. Harding Warns Against Discrimination Based on Language, Sexual Orientation 
  16. Charter of Rights - A Recipe  for Discrimination 
  17. What About Freedom from Language Discrimination
  18. Guarantee Freedom from Language Discrimination
  19. The Right to Discriminate
  20. Nicholson Doubts Ja Will Resume Capital Punishment 
  21. Charter of Rights (and Wrongs)
  22. Is Jamaican Patois Inherently Vulgar and Base
  23. Abbot, Patois Bible and Language Discrimination 
  24. The Patois Industry, Rastamouse and Sandals Brand
  25. Don't Knock Rastamouse
  26. Teaching Patois in Schools Is Not Wrong
  27. Encourage English, Not Patois
  28. Cherish J'can Dialect, but Please No Patois Bible 
  29. Creole Advocates Sign Language Charter 
  30. Nationalise Caribbean Creole - Regional Officials

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