Thursday, 19 February 2009

Di Baibl Buorin, bra!

One of the primary concerns I've come across here in Jamaica esp. among young Christians is the issue of Scripture Use. How can the Bible be used in more interesting ways? Well, earlier this week I came across a fascinating website,

Given the prestige and value of the Authorised Version (King James Version) in the eyes of Jamaicans and our plan to publish an idiomatic translation of the Scriptures in Jamaican Creole, I could not help but read an interesting article by David L Payne - "On promoting vernacular Scriptures where a national language translation is venerated."

For this and similar cool resources/ideas on Scripture Use, visit

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Ina Mi Gutumaa said...

Mi fain di Patwa vorjan muo inchrestin fi riid enidie. Di Ingglish wan tuu jrai-- an di langgwij no so kaman tu mi niida.

Dat de Peruu kies de naago bi die siem fi Jumieka...di onggl ting mi pridik a se i gwaihn tek a likl wail fi piipl kech aan pan i--- kaa yu nuo ou Jumiekan piipl ambivalent bout di Patwa ting aredi.