Friday, 13 February 2009

Where Are We Now

Before the present translation team was in place, The Bible Society of the West Indies (BSWI) had already started work on an audio production of the Gospel of Luuk, called the Luuk Buk Project (LBP). BSWI hopes to have Luke in audio ready for release to the public soon. Therefore, the current translation team has been asked to incooperate the LBP into their workload.

For the last 10 weeks or so, the team has been making corrections to the 1st draft of Luke’s gospel, prepared by BSWI a number of years ago. This stage of the work is referred to as Team or Group Review. At this stage, the team gathers to check the first draft using other several Bible versions and exegetical resources, to make sure the translated text is faithful to the original message

In addition to checking for faithfulness to the original text, the team has been busy trying to make the translation as Jamaican as possible as the first draft is somewhat anglicised.

In order to improve the end result, the team is in need of your constructive criticism.

The revised draft of the first 11 chapters of Luuk Buk is located online. Click here to see draft.

If you have any suggestions to improve the end result, subject to the methodology criteria outlined below, please use the 'Translation Suggestions' document in the folder 'JCTP_Translation_Suggestions' in the archive, and please e-mail your suggestions to -

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