Saturday, 25 October 2008

The Interest Continues

Jamaican Creole Translation Project (JCTP) continues to hold the interest of many. Here are some more links
  1. Church Times Blog...there's an interesting vidio here...
  2. Kouya Chronicle...and here
  3. Better Bibles Blog
  4. More to be added...


susan said...

It is so interesting to me to see so much controversy regarding the translation into Jamaican Creole. As a part-time missionary in Jamaica, I do understand the view that to work in the public sector as it is today in Jamaica (one especially driven by tourism) one needs to speak the English language. However, it is the Jamaicans themselves against the translation who surpise me. They too have expressed to me that 'Jamaican's understand English. They just need to listen to a sermon or the bible in English'. These people too seem to think that, although they love their native Patois, that it is improper for one to speak it in public or in church. This is of concern because I do believe in understanding Scripture more with 'my heart' if I hear it in my own original language.
I know another argument against the translation is that people who 'only speak Patois' cannot read it, so why translate it? But to me, the beginning is giving them the opportunity to 'hear the gospel' in Jamaican Creole first. Faith comes by hearing...
I have only recently begun to read your blog but please keep up your hard work and thank you for keeping us informed!
Missionary to Boys' Home, Mandeville, Jamaica

Bertram Corner said...

Thanks for your comment, Susan.

Yes: not a few Jamaicans are opposed to the project. In my experience, it is best to show the value of such a translation by reading the text in Jamaican and preaching in Jamaican! In this case, debate helps no one.

Persons need a bit of experience. Certainly, everyone might not like it. The positive impact is obvious however.